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Published on November 21st, 2014 | by Quad Safari


A Ride worth taking

Quad biking is one of the world’s most thrilling activities, but it can’t be denied that it carries risks. Improper use and accidents claim several lives and cause a lot of injuries every year sadly. Now though, a new Australian documentary film charts how quad-biking has proved not only accessible for a group of physically-disabled men, but also helped them to come to terms with the accidents that reshaped their lives.

Called The Ride, the film, which was released late last year, charts an extraordinary journey taken by these four Australians into the Outback, as they revisit the scenes of their accidents (none of which actually occurred on ATVs) and discuss how becoming paraplegic, and in one case quadriplegic, has changed their outlook on life.

At once tragic, uplifting, inspirational and funny, the film has met with resounding success on the Australian film scene and in mid-November was shown at a Moscow film festival.

During their journey across the Outback, the riders were faced with challenges that would have tested many able-bodied quad-bikers, such as thick mud, dusty deserts, floods and incessant heat and fatigue, but displaying the immense courage that has carried them through personal tragedy and out the other side, they made it in style.

This 5000km odyssey showed that these men, Jim, Craig, Anton and Terry, while accepting of their disabilities, were unwilling to also accept any restrictions on their lives, and they are forging ahead with new relationships and in some cases new roles. Jim, for instance, as well as planning another attempt at the Australasian Safari which cost him the use of his legs after a motorbike crash, has become involved with a charity that helps people with disabilites become more intergrated with society.

We recommend this amazing, inspiring road movie as a testament to what the human spirit can achieve when the chips are down. Quad biking, like other motorised sports, has its dangers, but we’re happy to report that it’s getting safer every year thanks to new equipment and training improvements.

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