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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Quad Safari


Best Winter Accessories for Quad Bikers

The colder weather is well on its way now, but that’s no reason to lock your ATV away in the garage for the winter. Snowy landscapes make for some of the most challenging, exciting and scenic to ride through. Here are some essential pieces of kit for the winter quad biker:

Snow Chains  – If you live out in the sticks and the snow comes down, you’re not going anywhere without a set of chains. Easily portable (they often come in their own storage case), with a bit of practise you can have them on in a matter of minutes, and they give you bags of extra grip on snow and ice, and loads more pulling power. The range of sizes available should mean whatever type of ATV you ride, there’s chains that will fit.

Seat Covers – Keep your seat warm and dry during winter, with a fabric overcover. Get yourself one that’s fully waterproof, and machine-washable too for added convenience. With this and a pair of waterproof trousers you can ride comfortably for hours.

Heated Grips – You can buy and install a pair of heated grips on your quad bike handlebars for less than £100 and it’s an investment you’ll never regret. Instantly solves the problematic trade-off of comfort vs control, so you have warm hands on every journey, but still complete access to the controls.

Snow Plough – What’s the best way to become the neighbourhood hero over winter? Installing a plough to the front of your quad, that’s how. Shovel snow to the roadsides and off driveways and clear a path so your neighbours can get around safely. Plus you’ll never need to worry about getting caught in a drift.

Track System – Chains not good enough for you? Budget not a problem? Equip your ATV with a track system this year and turn your machine into a powerful caterpillar. The best kits feel just like driving on four wheels, and you get superb traction as well. If you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall this is money well-spent.

For any more advice on the best winter accessories for Quad Bikers please contact us here at Quad Safari.


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