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How to Get to Know Your New Quad Bike

Even to the seasoned rider and long term owner, each individual quad bike can be a little different. When you buy a new model, make sure you take the correct steps to ensure that you know exactly how to handle it.

However used to quad biking a rider is, they will still need to get to grips with each new model before taking it for a ride. Even if your new quad bike is simply the newest model, designs may have changed enough to make a difference to the ride itself. Each model will come with a manual which should be read prior to riding, with particular attention given to the safety instructions. If you misplace your manual – or pick up your quad bike second-hand – you should be able to find an online version on the manufacturer website.

Some manufacturers will even provide a safety video to every customer. This is an easy way to get to know your new bike, and makes a handy tool for getting other new riders up to speed. Again, there should be an online version.

Make sure you know about all warning labels, and how to maintain your new model. The manufacturer will give specific instructions for riding, so make sure you observe them. Adherence to load ratings is particularly important.

After you’ve made yourself acquainted with the particulars, practice riding the quad bike for a little before starting to use it as you normally would. Take it slowly at first, feeling the way your new model corners and accelerates. This will allow you to understand how the quad handles, and stops it from providing any surprises when you’re on trickier terrain.

Make sure you leave all safety guards in place, and remember to use manufacturer equipment whenever you accessorise your bike. You should also be able to find a list of their recommendations. Make sure all accessories are properly fitted, and don’t customize the bike in any way which isn’t manufacturer approved – this will compromise the bike’s stability.

From reading the manual to installing parts, making sure you treat your new bike with respect is the best way to get the most out of it, while also protecting yourself from harm.

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