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Published on April 3rd, 2014 | by Quad Safari


How to make your quad road legal

Most quad bikes are used for off-road purposes only, but if you do want to drive on the road then you’ll need to comply with UK law. Current government requirements are as follows:

The bike needs to be approved for road use. The bike’s manufacturer should be able to tell you if it has been approved. If it hasn’t been but you believe it meets road safety standards then you can apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to have the type added to the list.

Assuming your bike type is approved for road-usage then, the rules are very similar to those that apply to car drivers. First you will need to have it registered with the DVLA and attach a valid tax disc to the vehicle. You will also need to fit front and rear number-plates.

Any quad bike that is over 3 years old and being driven on the road must have an MOT certificate, and as with a car we would also advise having it regularly checked out by a mechanic to ensure everything is working as it should and spot any problems before they develop, especially with brakes and fuel systems.

The rider will need to have 3rd party insurance cover at a minimum, and also a full car license, or B1 category license if it was issued before 1997.

Currently you don’t need to wear a crash helmet, but if you’re driving along tarmac at speed then you’d be mad not to. Given the way safety requirements are being tightened-up all the time it may not be long before helmets are mandatory anyway.

Lastly – if you want to carry passengers with you then you will need to check again with the manufacturer that this is appropriate for your type of quad bike.

One other point: if you drive a quad for light agricultural use then you can take it on the road without having an MOT, for a short distance, 1.5km between sites. But you must meet the other requirements, ie having a license, insurance and plates attached. For any more information please contact us.

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