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How to Safely Ride a Quad Bike Uphill

Being able to explore the backcountry is one of the best things about owning a quad bike, but challenging terrain must be met with respect. If you’re new to the sport, you might want to avoid tackling steep hills until you’ve developed some more experience, but even the most seasoned riders should take these tips into consideration.

Prepare Yourself

You should always be wearing safety equipment while you’re riding your quad bike – that’s a given. However, even experienced and confident riders should be extra vigilant when they will be climbing hills. Helmets, gloves, boots, and back padding should all be worn.

Additionally, it’s more important than ever to keep to one person per quad – having someone on the back or front can easily cause the vehicle to tip while moving uphill.

Plot Your Route

Planning is the name of the game whenever you’re traversing new terrain. Once at the foot of the hill, take a minute to pause and plan instead of charging ahead. If you’re with someone more experienced, ask them to go first so you can follow their path. If not, plot the path of least resistance. Look for high-traction terrain and a lack of obstacles, even if that means not taking the fastest or most direct route.

Remain Calm While Climbing

Now that you’re ready to head upwards, start by finding a comfortable stance and then rev your quad to around half of its full capacity – keep in a low gear throughout the climb and leave plenty of space between yourself and other riders. You’ll have to increase the throttle as you climb in order to maintain speed, just be sure that you don’t get faster.

As you start to climb, lean forwards to lessen the possibility of the quad flipping backwards. The front wheels may start to pull off the ground; this is normal, just reduce the gas until they come back down. Avoid becoming overconfident and hitting the gas when you’re almost at the top.

Quads have been designed to take you to places which other vehicles cannot reach, but the routes which you cover are usually challenging. Hill-climbs can be particularly hazardous, so keep these tips in mind.

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