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Meet the World’s Most Expensive Quad Bike

Most quad bike enthusiasts will defend the superiority of their chosen machines right down to the wire, but few would pass up the opportunity to trade for a Wazuma V8. In fact, a trade might represent their best chance to drive it – this is the most expensive quad bike in the world, with a value of £170,000.

In fairness, it looks to be well worth the price. The Wazuma V8 sits low the ground, and looks more like something out of the latest superhero movie than a traditional ATV. Designed and produced by French Company Lazareth – as a one of a kind model – it’s so aggressive that it can’t even be driven on the road. Only the track can ever hope to tame it.

Of course, even the track won’t quite know what’s hit it. Despite its relatively low weight of 650kg, the Wazuma V8 is able to reach speeds of up to 150 mpg. That’s thanks to the phenomenal 250bhp Ferrari engine, but high performance doesn’t just stop at that powerhouse’s shocking output.

Huge Brembo brakes are utilised in order to ensure reliable stopping power, and exclusive, made-to-measure EMC suspension keeps the ride as smooth as possible. 18-inch wheels with racing slick tyres, a six speed gearbox, and the handlebars from a BMX M3 all combine to create a truly matchless machine. The rear wheels are linked together for enhanced capability, and engine management can be modified using an inbuilt computer system.

In the words of one of Lazareth’s spokespeople: “The Wazuma offers matchless driving sensations with a unique design. It is designed to be simple, aggressive and high-performance. It is first of all a masterpiece of engineering, a sculpture.” The company set out to make a quad bike which would stand unchallenged in a league of its own. Mission accomplished.

Of course, every quad biking experience is thrilling – that’s why the sport continues to attract more and more enthusiasts from across the globe. Still, it’s incredible to know just how much further the idea can be taken. The Wazuma V8 is clearly the pinnacle of ATV design – just try to contain your jealousy, and resist the urge to re-mortgage your house.

Source: YouTube – Wazuma V8F Lazareth

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