Quad Biking Insurance

The majority of mainstream vehicle insurance companies will not cover quad bikes, due to possible risks to both the quad bike, and the driver. However, there are a number of different specialist companies out there who offer such insurance to quad bike riders. Premiums for these bikes can be pretty high, so it’s definitely a good idea to shop around and try to find a competitive price.

Road Legal Quad Bikes
If your quad bike is road-legal, then you must abide by the same laws as other motorists. You will need at least third party insurance, to cover you and your vehicle in case you injure or damage a person or their property. You can also choose to buy third party, fire and theft insurance which will cover you for theft and fire damage.

Or you can opt for fully comprehensive insurance. This will cover the cost of repairs, should your bike be damaged, as well as any medical fees you may incur if you are at fault for any accidents. Although the third party insurance option is typically cheaper, it’s worth looking around at different insurers and prices. You may find that fully comprehensive cover isn’t actually much more than third party.

You must always note that it is illegal to own a roadworthy vehicle, without having it insured or declared off the road with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) document. Even if you keep your quad on private land for a percentage of the year, you must have it insured, if it is roadworthy.

Off Road Quad Bikes
Off-Road quad bikes can also be insured. If your bike is kept for fun or sporting events, for example, you may never need to take your bike on a public road. Premiums for off-road quad bikes are typically lower, as they don’t necessarily include third party cover. They usually cover fire and theft as standard, with a range of optional extras available to suit your requirements.

Most quad bike insurers will not cover young drivers under the age of 19 or 21. They will also usually only insure you if you have a full UK driving license. If you have a conviction, you might also have trouble finding insurance. If you can, the premium is likely to be higher than the norm. Don’t forget that you must also inform your insurance company of any modifications you might have made to your quad bike. Otherwise, your policy could be invalid.

Lower Your Premium
Fitting an approved security device to your quad bike can help lower your premium. For example, a ground anchor with chain and lock, a tracking device, or an alarm. Your premium can also be lowered if you are able to keep your bike stored away in a secure unit overnight – for example, your garage.

For more information on quad bike insurance policies to suit you, consult a quad bike insurance specialist.

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