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Published on September 26th, 2014 | by Quad Safari


Quad Biking Taking Off Around The World

In recent months we’ve highlighted the popularity of quad biking in countries as diverse as Iceland and Saudi Arabia. That’s not even the half of it though – were you aware that quad safaris are taking off in Uganda and South Africa, or even becoming a popular hen party activity in India?

Soweto, South Africa
In this heavily populated Johannesburg township, the roads are pretty iffy, not suitable for most cars, being no more than dirt tracks in some places. Perfect, then, for an “urban safari” taking in some of the highlights of one of the most thriving, combustible parts of the country. Seeing a train of ATVs pass by, accompanied by guides, is unusual for the locals, many of whom stop and stare. But it’s a really unique and exciting way to tour this interesting place, and although there’s few stretches you can really open up, it’s definitely the best way travel Soweto.

Over the last two decades, adventure tourism has surged to become one of the biggest draws for visitors to Uganda, and quad biking has played a significant role. The terrain is lush, challenging and incredibly beautiful. There’s also some amazing wildlife to see in the distance (it’s not coming anywhere near your engines that’s for sure!).

The Stag and Hen party tradition, taking place days or weeks before a wedding, is primarily a western tradition. But the practise of letting your hair down for one last night of freedom is appealing the world over, and it’s really taking off in India. Here, young men and women, looking for something unusual to do with their friends, are often taking a spin on quads as a prelude to the evening’s parties.

The north of Sweden is totally wild, an adventurer’s playground. Cold, harsh terrain is often only accessible by 4WDs or ATVs, sometimes over specially-cut tracks, sometimes not. It’s exhilarating for more experienced riders to take themselves out of their comfort zone, ride through tough conditions and fetch up for the night in some wilderness lodge, and Sweden is perfect for that.


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