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Published on January 9th, 2015 | by Quad Safari


The British Army Are Using Quad Bikes to Save Lives

As quad bike enthusiasts, we’re always pleased to bring you news concerning the way these fantastic ATVs are being used across the world. Quads are sometimes used for fun, and sometimes used for transport, but they’re now becoming trusted vehicles for our brave lads in the armed forces.

The British Army signed a £5 million contract with UK-based Yamaha and Logic companies to provide them with the best ATVs they could get. The quad bikes which they provided have gone on to be enormously successful. Able to reach high speeds across varying types of terrain – particularly loose terrain – they’ve proven perfect for supporting our troops in Afghanistan.

These rough and ready quad bikes have been specifically augmented for army use, with a left-hand throttle for greater manoeuvrability, and a dual-stretcher fitted to the front. In fact, the biggest advantage the quad bike has brought to the front line is its enormous capacity for speeding up medical aid.

Whether allowing doctors and medics to reach wounded personnel, or being sent into the fray to retrieve up to two causalities at once, these machines have helped save the lives of numerous servicemen and servicewomen.

As stated by Major Matt Cansdale, of the Parachute Regiment: ‘The quad bikes proved to be reliable and were able to go places that no other vehicle could. The ability to evacuate casualties effectively and quickly also meant that we could move away from established routes while limiting the risk to our forces.’

Apart from emergency aid, quad bikes are often utilized for logistical support. Able to carry relatively heavy loads at a good speed, food, water, and other supplies are frequently dropped off by a quad bike. There have even been recent reports of quad bikes being used by the SAS, one of the most well-trained special forces units in the entire world.

You might not be riding a military-grade ATV, but it’s always encouraging to hear stories of just how reliable, durable, and capable these vehicles are. Next time someone tells you that quad bikes are dangerous, let them know that they’re currently saving lives.


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