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Why Should you Make Your Quad Bike Road Legal?

If you want to modify your quad bike for road use, you’ll also need to register it with a relevant vehicle licensing authority, provide a tax disc and insurance, and make sure that minimal safety requirements have been met. This might seem like too much of a bother, but the benefits of making your quad bike road-worthy are numerous, and easily outweigh the trouble involved.

Fast and Easy Transport
Despite popular misconceptions, quad bikes can actually be far faster than cars or vans when used over short distances. They might lack horsepower and torque when compared to more conventional options, but quad bikes accelerate quickly and don’t take much time to start, so using one on the road could shave down your daily drive time.

Quads are fast and agile, and that doesn’t come at the expense of fuel economy. They can be far more efficient than other options, and that’s better for the environment. They also cause far less damage if you need to take them off-road during the trip, so they can make a great choice for the eco-friendly.

Off-Road Capability
Motorbikes, vans, and cars are designed for the road – which clearly puts them at an advantage. However, as a quad bike owner you probably need to go both on and off-road. Making your quad bike road legal allows you the best of both worlds. Go onto the smooth road for part of the journey, then cut across a field to save time.

Easy and Cheap to Repair
The parts used by your quad bike have been designed for quick and easy replacement. That means that any repairs which you need to conduct will be much cheaper for quad bikes than they would be for conventional vehicles. The parts are easier to fit, so most jobs can be done yourself, and the cost of the part itself won’t see you emptying your wallet.

Getting your quad bike road legal should be on the top of your to-do list if you need a versatile vehicle which is quick and affordable. For more information, just read our handy guide on how to complete the process.

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